09.05 = SNAGGED?????
Buddy Blank is putting his solo career on hiatus and changing the name of
his band to Snagged. The band is also looking for a new bass player to replace "Spider" Mike.

fall.05 = ETHEREAL
After almost a year and $13K,
Buddy Blank finally finished his 2nd EP "Ethereal". Since the inception of Snagged in September 2005, Buddy is going to release this as the bands first EP under the band name.

2005/2006 = MOVIE TIME!!!.....Bitches
Buddy Blank is going to be in an '05/'06 documentary featuring Rockland County
bands. Other members from Snagged may be in the film as well as MTV's Battle for Ozzfest band, SicksDeep and signed Warped Tour band, Cheatin' Soccer Mom. There is also word of the guitar player from Anthrax and Life of Agony to be in the film too!

summer.05 = HEY MEANIE!!!
Buddy's 2nd Ep "Ethereal" is going to be reworked at the legendary Big Blue Meanie recording studio in Jersey City. For this reason the CD release
date is going to be pushed back until August.

07.29.05 = TICKETS
Contact info@buddyblank.com for discounted tickets for the July 29th show. Buddy is opening for Badfish at The Chance Theater. Or buy tickets online at Ticketmaster.

04.05 = NEW BAND
We would like to welcome "Spider" Mike Nolan and Louis Cortes, who will be working with Buddy live and in the studio. Also we would like to wish the best of luck to Twyevs
and Manny on their future endeavors.

Buddy's 2nd smash EP "Ethereal" should be out in June'05 and is expected to get high praise from critics and fans alike. Writing has already begun for his first LP "Caveat Emptor" w/ a recording time set for winter'06 and no set release date.

spring.05 = US COLLEGE RADIO
Buddy is going to get play across the US on college radio stations. Call in your request lines to show your support!

04.01.05 = UPCOMING SHOW
Buddy Blank playing Friday, April 1st [8:30 pm] @ The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY [with Danger Danger, Flytrap and Python]... Tickets are now available through TicketMaster . [Tickets sold directly through Buddy Blank will be $10 instead of $15...
just email info@buddyblank.com]

spring.05 = HELLO CANADA

Buddy will be getting College radio play throughout Canada this spring as well as radio play in the US.


Buddy was interviewed by local Zine Outsider's Yup 97, and will be featured in this Spring's Issue

04.05 = INDIE COMP 2
Buddy's song, Windows, will be in Skratch Magazine's "Indie Comp 2" and will also be getting reviewed by the magazine.

spring.05 = ETHEREAL

Buddy is starting to record his 5 song EP, "Ethereal" @ Skyelab Productions, and should be out this spring. Multi-Platinum producer, Arty Skye is going to produce and engineer this project. Skye has worked with many of the largest names in the music industry, from Santana, Wu-Tang Clan, Madonna and many others.

02.19.05 = UPCOMING SHOW
Come check out Buddy Blank playing Saturday, Feb. 19th @ Club Crannell in Poughkeepsie, NY [w/Gravity Krush]... Tickets are now available
through TicketMaster.

01.31.05 = NEW WEBSITE
Welcome to the newly designed Buddy Blank website! If you haven't signed up on the email list, enter your email address in the field to the left.